Biurko Blanco 2021



Varietie: Sauvignon Blanc

Vineyards: Located on the highest , area of the village, around 600 meters of altitude; Chalky soils, stone underground and no irrigation; The character of this soils control a medium low production and get a very good acidity and maturation so the wine has a perfect balance and high expressiveness.

Agriculture: Orgánic fertilizers and cultivation methods, prevention against the deseases instead of sistemics treathments, no herbicides and insecticides; Natural agriculture in order to get a fresh and health grapes with theirs own typologie and personal character.

Harvest: around the first days of September.

Maceration and fermentation process: 3 days of cold process before fermentation that usually last around 15 days; Slow process with control of temperature between 14 to 16 degrees. Natural decantation during winter with clean lias so that the wine get fruty aromas and full body flavor.

Minimum dosis of sulphur addition in all the process in order to get a natural and healthy wine.

Tasting notes:

  • Brilliant intense apple colour.
  • Fresh and flowery aromas with intense notes of lemon and apple; Elegant and very fruty character.
  • Intense flavour with excellent combination of sweet fruits and citrical character; Good acidity that make the final long and attractive.
  • Recommended for drinking with or without food because it has got good structure, intensity and very fresh and smoth flavour.

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