Elaboration and aging

The philosophy at the root of the winemaking is the same as that employed in the grape-growing: to maintain the natural characteristics of the raw material.

The elaboration and storing of the wine is carried out in stainless steel tanks with temperature control. We always ensure maximum cleanliness and use natural methods for the decanting and stabilisation of the wines.

To the greatest possible degree self-fermentation with the pie-de-cuba method and the least amount of adicción de sulfuroso  is used in all the processes. For several years the winery has been participating in European projects focused on the investigation of elimination and substitution of sulphur for natural products that enable us to make healthy quality wines in no way harmful to the consumer’s health.

The selection and traceability of the wines begins with the grape harvest in the vineyards and continues in the winery right through to the final product. We combine the knowledge provided by technology with over twenty years of experience of making wines from the same vines and in accordance with our philosophy.

Over the last few years we have tended towards wines that are very fruity,  young and fresh  in style, with structure and colour but that are also elegant and fine at the same time. This is achieved by growing high quality healthy grapes in small quantities.

We use oak as a micro-aerator and stabiliser, but we look for maximum mildness in the tostado  as well as short  periods of time where aggressive wood influence does not mask the taste and aromas of  our wines.

The excellent quality of our grapes enables us to elaborate wines apt for either young or aged wines with a minimum of interference. The high level of tartaric acid in the grapes produces modern-styled wines that are very expressive in aromas, taste and colour.