Vineyards and varieties

The vineyards cover an area of approximately 40 hectares.

The vineyards are located in different parts of the village lands but they all share certain characteristics in regards to altitude (approx. 600 metres), soil types (clay-chalk) trellis-planting (very important in organic farming) and good orientation for ripening.

Because the surrounding terrain is hilly, the vineyards are planted on wine terraces, gentle slopes and flat fields on hill and mountain tops. These characteristics guarantee a long ripening period as well as excellent sanitary conditions for the grapes.

The continental climate provides cold dry winters and hot summers with low temperatures at night. This variety in temperature, a result of the altitude, produces grapes of perfect balance; an excellent combination of alcohol and tartaric acid.

Average production ranges from 3,000 kilos per hectare for the oldest vines and poorest soils to up to 5,000 kilos for the youngest vines. The ages of the plants are well-balanced with a view to the different types of wines produced by the winery.

The grape varieties are indigenous and are the result of balanced crop planning over the last thirty years towards the style of wines produced. The Tempranillo grape is the base variety and covers approximately 70% of grapes grown. The Graciano grape is very important as a complement and to mix with the Tempranillo and it makes up a further 25%. The remaining 5% is very old Garnacha  (grown in traditional head-pruned plantations). As regards white grape varieties, we have renovated these plots and the principal grape type is currently Sauvignon Blanc with a small percentage of old Viura.

Biurko’s vineyards have their own characteristics based on their location, soil, climate and plant-type. This enables the winery to produce wines that have their own identity. The philosophy behind the elaboration and aging of our wines is focused on not altering the typology of the raw materials. Rather, during the winemaking process in the winery we enhance this typology.  This is why Biurko wines are perfectly identifiable and have their very own style. We avoid any extras  during the elaboration and aging of the wines so as not to interfere with the grapes’ own aromas and taste traits.