Biurko Graciano 2020



Varietie: Graciano 100%.


    • Old vineyards located on perfect suited soils, around 450 mts altitud above the sea; This varietie needs médium altitud in order to get a good maturation and old age for the control of production.
    • Orgánic vegetal and animal fertilizers; Vegetal cover during the winter.
    • Only natural products and techniques are used to prevent deseases without quimic and synthetic treatments, nor insecticides.
    • NContinental climate with high temperatures along the day and fresh contrast on the nights during august and September produce grapes with perfect balance between alcohol and acidity
    • The fermentation process is destalked system, in steel tanks, with controlled temperatures between 20 to 25 degres; Minimum dosis of sulphur and continous oxygenation in short period of time in order to extract the maximum parameters of colour, structure and aromas but keeping the natural fruty character of the grapes.
    • Short ageing of the wine in tanks for 6 months and same time in oak in order to get cleaning and stabilization of the wine through natural decantation.
    • All process from production to sale of the product is certified organic by institutional C.P.A.E.N.

Tasting Note:

  • Dark berry colour with intense purple hints.
  • Mineral aromas mixed with dark forest fruits.
  • Fresh and fruty in the mouth, attractive slightly vegetal , high minerality and little bit spicy.
  • Excellent balance between alcohol and acidity.
  • Long and tasty final with soft and fine tannins
  • Continental style red wine.

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